My Approach

This page is about me sharing my experience and observations with laser therapy. I’m not a doctor or any sort of medical professional. The only experience I have in medicine is from a patient’s perspective battling Fibromyalgia for nearly 15 years now. It’s a horrible disease to live with.

My goal is to demystify laser for the everyday home user. I truly believe there will come a day when paramedics, primary care doctors, and ER facilities will not only know about laser, but utilize it heavily.

In the mean time, for someone with Fibromyalgia the pain relief is indispensable, and there is absolutely no reason to suffer needlessly.

My Story

Fibromyalgia devastated my life, robbing me of my 20’s and 30’s. I was a driven, successful young man, with some advantages from having mild Asperger’s (high functioning Autism, so mild it was never detected as a child) which allows me to see the world from a logic heavy point of view. I’m not very emotional guy, aside from frustration.

Technology is something I absorb well. A particularly hellish part of fibromyalgia for me is the fact that using my brain too much causes flare ups, even the good things. I get cooked too quickly. How do you explain to someone that thinking hurts physically?

Long story short, finding laser was huge, and finding a laser I could use at home was vital. Fibromyalgia doesn’t go away. I have to keep lasering as the pain returns, which it will if I don’t treat. My back and calves require daily treatment, which allows me to sleep. ¬†Every time I treat using 5 hertz (the rate at which the laser pulses) my tissue relaxes and the pain from fibro retreats.

I don’t mean to mislead anyone, my fibromyalgia is still severe. The reduction of pain is only a single aspect, and fibro still calls the shots. This website was built about 6 months later than I wanted it to be, and the sacrifices to my daily life were palpable to get it done, but I think the end result will be worth it.

During flareup, the brain fog and fatigue get substantially worse, to a point of losing coordination and inability to understand simple spoken English (my only language), yet my pain stays under 5 out of 10 even at it’s worst, so long as I can use the laser as needed.

Normally my pain is a 2-4. Prior to laser, even with Morphine and every other type of drug I tried, I never did better than a 6, and the norm was 7-9 out of 10. Looking back, I really can’t understand how I lived through that.

Fibromyalgia patients are tough people, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

I started this site and planned to be a laser distributor. I felt so confident from the pain relief that I felt I could resume my life. 2 months. If you know fibro, you know it always seems to win the war.

I started communicating with Multi Radiance, a company that takes fibromyalgia very seriously. They have been involved in fibromyalgia studies with their lasers, and I have been giving my feedback on what I have found to be the most successful use of their lasers. I started with their TQ Solo, which fortunately for me was pretty ideal.

Had I started with a different model, I may not have had the success, I probably would have soured on the technology, and tragically disregarded it as useless. If anyone tries to tell you that laser doesn’t work for fibromyalgia pain, I assert that they used the wrong laser, or the right laser on the wrong setting.

5 hertz, super-pulsed. I personally consider it vital.

Multi Radiance went so far as to send me one of their MR4 Laser Shower units at a discount, which is typically reserved for medical offices, so that I could experiment with all of the available frequencies and settings. This allowed me to rule out what was thought to be the right laser model, and instead suggest a laser that has thus far been reserved for pro athletes, the Game Day laser.

Because I cannot be a full time business person, I chose a referral relationship so that I did not need to conduct day to day tasks, allowing for full shutdown days (or weeks). As such, they field questions, and handle all customer service aspects. I’m just putting my story out there, and I truly hope you find it useful.

Ryan B.

Meet the Team

Because I have Fibromyalgia and I’m therefore 100% unreliable, I have dedicated help for my audience. Pam Manke is my primary contact at Multi Radiance Medical, and she helped me with my first laser, the TQ Solo.

She is very nice and understanding, and I’m grateful that she has been assigned to handle questions from my readers regarding laser therapy. Without someone like Pam, this endeavor of mine would be nearly impossible.

Me, Ryan B.

Website creator, 15 year (2002) fibromyalgia patient, and determined laser crusader. I’m not a doctor, I’m not a Multi Radiance Medical employee, but their lasers have made my life livable.

Pam Manke

Multi Radiance Medical customer service rep serving Chronic Pain Laser readers and viewers. She can be reached at:
Multi Radiance Medical
1 800 373 0955 x109 USA and Canada,

+1 440.542.0761 (Ext 109) International

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A Fibromyalgia patient’s perspective