Laser Pain Relief For Homes and Clinics

What happens when a Fibromyalgia patient finds a treatment that works for pain like nothing else on the planet, and obsesses about it? You get a guy who tries to start a laser company, and then realizes that he can’t quite run a business with his condition, but still insists on telling other fibro patients about it. 

For me, Low Level Laser Therapy, or LLLT has been nothing short of life changing. I know that gets thrown around a lot, but nothing has ever been able to get my pain under a 6 out of 10. That’s 14 years without a single real break. Since having the laser, my pain has not exceeded a 4! And for the first time in 15 years, I had another pain (likely a clogged bile duct) exceed my fibro pain.

Opioids are not strong enough for conditions like Fibromyalgia. According to the CDC, 14,000 people died from opioid painkillers in 2014. This led to the US government making it much harder for chronic pain sufferers to access these painkillers, an action that has made those already in misery truly desperate for an alternative. Fortunately, I already had a laser when that hammer dropped, but I empathize with my fellow chronic pain sufferers.

Since having the laser, opiates no longer play a role in the treatment of my pain from Fibromyalgia. Not at all, since February 2016. I had reduced it a great deal already, only using it for “panic pain” every 5 days or so. I haven’t been anywhere near panic pain (8+) since having the laser. 

It’s also handy for a lot of other conditions, and even future injuries, making it a valuable addition to any first aid kit. Laser therapy (LLLT) was discovered because it speeds up healing dramatically, which is why many use it after surgery to reduce scarring and recovery time.

Post surgical pain can linger, leading some to harder street drugs once their doctor stops prescribing “legal” ones. It’s my personal suspicion and hope that lasers might eventually interrupt this deadly and destructive cycle.         

Some Class 4 lasers (a popular “technology”) require a prescription and in depth training due to the substantial safety risks. I only recommend Class 1 lasers for home users, and having used both, I prefer the Class 1 super-pulsed anyway.  

The lasers I discuss are FDA approved and clinical grade, designed for professionals, but simple enough to use at home. I do it while watching TV. You can’t use a Class 4 so casually.

These are not LED only devices, they are super-pulsed 15,000+ mW lasers that penetrate deep into tissue to gently stimulate inflamed cells to heal quickly. Pilots, truck drivers, law enforcement, military, and equipment operators can use it without risk to employment. I personally think it works a lot better than pills anyway. 

Athletes can also recover quicker from injuries and training in general, and it’s not against the rules to “use photons”. (Even if it were, it would be impossible to test!) Having fibromyalgia doesn’t bode well for sports, but I can verify an improvement in strength and quicker recovery from my own experiences.  

I’ve seen some seemingly hopeless cases respond very well to laser therapy. I have seen some impressive results, especially with older injuries, and in some cases horrible injuries over a decade old, responding dramatically.

You can also rent these lasers, rather than taking the leap of purchasing one. Or you can try one at a local clinic, just fill out the form, state that you are looking for a local clinic and include your zip code.

For hard cases like mine (Fibromyalgia) I needed far more treatment than I received from a single $50-75 treatment, but it can give you an idea of how it works. It can take a few treatment sessions to start seeing the effects. 

Based on my experiences letting people try it, it’s a treatment that can inspire laughter, tears, and utter amazement.

Visit my Q&A with myself about how it has treated my severe fibromyalgia. It is no cure, but the reduction in suffering has been something I never expected to achieve after 14 years of trying countless therapies that don’t work. I hadn’t given up, but I’d certainly had a realistic view that taking the edge off was all that I could hope for. The edge isn’t just off, it’s gone. 

I still have debilitating fatigue, flare ups (without much pain, weird to explain) and Fibromyalgia still calls the shots, but getting a break from the icky, rusty “blackness” that is fibro pain has been a relief few in my position could fathom. I would have doubted it was possible.

Unfortunately, laser is not cheap. For me, the decision was easy: $600+ per month at an office, plus gas and a 2 hour round trip for not enough treatment, or $75 per month on my credit card and all the treatment I have the patience for.  It’s still the best investment in my health (not to mention those around me) that I’ve ever made.

I wish you well,

Ryan B.

For rentals or laser inquires, both personal and professional, you can contact Pam Manke via email pmanke@multiradiance.com She is very nice, and she helped me with my own TQ Solo. For a limited time, you can use the coupon code “CPL-RB” for a pretty nice discount. 

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